the other day i was talking to my friend and for some reason the conversation came to who my favorite stark kid was and i said bran but i wish i said sansa but also i know that if i had said sansa i would have wished i said bran


you know how the sentence “i never said she stole my money” has a different meaning depending on which word you put the stress on? same is true of “have you ever had sex with a pharaoh?” i’ve been thinkin about that for like 10 minutes now

also: holy shit i’m worried about ramsay’s gf

Important intelligence analysis


Headcanon: Abed only got his job at SHIELD as a spousal benefit when they recruited Troy for their gadgets division

Evidence, incontrovertible: When everything else in Fury’s car was broken, what was still 100% operational? THE AIR CONDITIONING.

Bunny, related: Abed meets Sam while visiting Troy in the hospital and explains to him, scene by scene, why he is definitely the lead in a romcom, not the sidekick in an action movie.

hahaha also guess what this is totally unrelated but i got the housing that i wanted and i am p happy about that i guess

man okay like really all i have 2 say about game of thrones past “i dug this episode” is how i am not super crazy about the part where roose was like hey theon did you kill those kids and theon was like uh yeah

because a) i was expecting him to be like “naw man because i’m not theon” (which i can’t find the exact part in the book but he has a similar reaction to something in his past being talked about— “i’m not the turncloak i’m reek” something like that) and also b) this is more a personal headcanon i guess but i always figured he had gotten so scrambled up that he couldn’t even bring himself to acknowledge that it wasn’t bran and rickon he killed

(i have textual evidence for both of these but not… on… me…)

but also, and i keep saying this but alfie is so so good at his job that i almost don’t even care, every time something deviates destructively from the text/what i had taken away from the text alfie just fuckin sells it anyway and guess what i’m buying


Check out this detailed catalog of the music in the work of Haruki Murakami by book:


renly’s like i found my place in the world


I need more windows


Vikings Exclusive Clip - King Horik & Floki

speaking of the seer:

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i just saw somebody advocating for friendship between floki and aslaug based on their (presumed) similar magic powers

and all im like is


Does anyone else find it strange that neither Floki nor Aslaug have talked to the seer?

idk if it’s weird or not (i mean at least aslaug probably has no need and/or desire to) but i really want that to happen





i dont care whether you’re into homestuck or not, everyone needs to see this beautiful piece of animation